Wow we are now well and truly into 2015 with 130 or more free information websites up and running and actually helping people. So now is the time to announce the charity aspect of the organisation. And there is plenty of action happening so stay tuned!


The most exciting recent website created is and it is a directory of natural health topics. As you know when searching for information, products or services on the search engines we find only occasional sites which are genuinely helpful. There are many scammers, high pressure sales and information which is not up to date natural health information. So the new website addresses this concern with over 500 websites committed to listing so far it will build up quickly into a valuable resource.

And there is more. We have actually tried this many times and paid big money but the sites always dissolved or were not functional. So here we go again with the bookforteen series. Each of the sites will have communication facilities for teens to use around the world. They are membership sites with profiles, own pages, chat, activities and search functions. Each site has a theme and the first to be available for use is The sites will include a gentle overtone of natural health information and encourage mentoring between the teens themselves. Wow!