While there will be some wealthy people using the resources, most will be the less affluent members of society. Many of our information platforms will be directed at teens and aged sections of the community where remuneration is not to be expected or relied upon. All of the information sites now numbering around 130 provide free information and free memberships. Most formats will have to be subsidised heavily by the healthybodychurch and of course after more than ten years of operation this is all very evident. we have had some help and are very thankful for that

The memberships have just been opened as we considered we needed to establish a realistic presence first before requesting support from the community or commercial entities. As previously mentioned, there are now around 130 websites with free natural health information and about another 70 being developed. Excuse our vague estimate but at any one time there will be a number being developed and other numbers being rewritten and/or published and running. It is an ongoing project which will never stop. The importance is massive as this month we are watching the 2016 autism summit and they are brilliant doctors from around the world who between them have most of the answers to fast track reversal of autism now affecting one in every 45 children and increasing at a rapid rate. They need support from websites that people are checking and we have many of them. We are only small fish but again we are basically not commercial. not owned and operated by a company which will make direct turnover from the contents of the website. This makes our sites almost unique.

We now have some 20,000 free members and so the sites are getting a flow of traffic and are ready for the next stages, which is SEO and the installation of a video on each website. The website videos will relate to the regular healing stories on a wide range of health topics. They are necessary for establishing a little more confidence. Natural methods have been proved to be the only methods which actually reverse disease and recreate a healthy person. Although conventional medicine does have the occasional beneficial result it is still only nutrition and exercise which will return the patient to good health. So the world needs it. And the world needs the information which allows that general understanding as the basis for detailed study of natural health. Any person who wishes to be healthy today needs to study natural health. It does not come automatically any more, anywhere in the world. You have to seek it and find it. So the world needs to keep this organisation strong and progressive as the only sites with free up to date information.


You can join as a supporter on any of our websites. See a short list to the right. And new ones will continue to be listed every week of the year. Look around you! Do you have a family member or a friend with diabetes? arthritis? Any womens problems? depression? and so on. Each of these are addressed in one or more of the websites. So you can join as a support member on the site which is most helpful to you or your friend! Thanks for reading this and may you be blessed forever!!