Healthybodychurch has been around for nearly ten years but just ticking along with information being studied, edited and added to the websites and Both are older websites and in desperate need of updating . Also a certain amount of healing has been happening and the bottom line is that we believe there is no disease that is incurable using natural methods. These are the methods which arise from creation or evolution and for which the human body is designed.

This is all very well and rosy but the information needs to be passed on to the rest of the world who are waiting for the scientists to make a pill which will cure each and every disease with no side effects. Fact is man including scientists are hundreds of years from these breakthroughs. For example some statistical information on antidepressants tells us that despite the good these drugs are doing in North America there are still 40 thousand children committing suicide who are on the drugs.

There is still a place for natural health both in the repair and regeneration of the human body and the maintenance of good health to enable the enjoyment of life.

At healthybodychurch we are non denominational so we respect and honour the God in each and every one of you. We do feel that your God and mine is benevolent and caring. So we were meant to enjoy life and give praise to our Gods. We were not designed to lay sick and weak imploring the intervention and restoration of good health. A long term study of natural health has in fact revealed that, not only were we well designed, but also we have at our disposal a totally comprehensive toolkit for the restoration and regeneration of the human body.

So from here we need support. Just from those who believe in our cause in healing and informing. We need money to create facilities where natural foods, supplements and methods will bring healing physically and mentally. We need offers of support from those whose training and qualifications apply to healing and mentoring those in the process of healing. And we need those who will pass on the good word. And finally we need the material and physical resources to create an intensive internet presence to offer the restoring information to anyone who needs it.

There are many commercial enterprises offering what we do for nothing. We do not offer competition but support for those who have studied and devoted their lives to helping. The natural health industry should thrive and in all places offer an alternative path to the restoration of good health.

If you are in need of help then contact us. If you are able to help then also contact us!