About Us

Healthy Body Church is a charity. Healthy Body Church is filling the following necessary roles in world health. A detailed source of natural health information primarily for study and understanding.A free source of natural health information.Gradual establishment of support websites for all ailments.

Collection, editing and publishing information leading to reversal of all ailments.Important information about natural health methods commonly used.Information about supplements and natural health beneficial substances. Healthybodychurch is a charity and all funds donated or earned are redirected to the establishment of facilities for regular seminars and short term healing facilities.


You are welcome to seek any information from healthybodychurch from our websites or through direct contacts available on the websites. The about us page details our current and intended operations. Donations can be made through the contacts. on the contacts However we have come up with a novel support method especially for families with lots of children and grandchildren. Healthcare is always a problem and if you want real health care that restores the body to a healthy state for any family member we have a solution. For any person joining the Support membership, the total amount contributed will be taken off a 50% discounted one month stay at the new health retreat to be established in the Philippines. This can apply to the person or a child or a grandchild and also an accompanying family member if this is necessary. A period of six month contributing is necessary. The first retreat opens in April 2016. To understand what this implies it is necessary to read content from at least a few of our websites so you will know that the nutritional program is all natural as are the treatments and training seminars will be free during the attendance so the person can return and help guide the rest of the family to a healthy state. Ask us about this package.