You might say this is a very rare and exciting opportunity for that exceptionally benevolent person. Fact is that 450 million ladies world wide have been diagnosed with thyroid disease. In fact it is sure to be much higher but what do you call disease?

The thyroid is connected to every cell in the body and controls the temperature and hormone flow through the body so it is in the box seat to assist in repair and restoration of any part of the body which becomes diseased. No surprise then that this is part of its role in the human body.

The thyroid is also the gland which gets the most hammering from the world of junk foods, chemicals, pollution and all the side effects of medications. And after all it is just a little soft tissue gland, butterfly shaped at the base of the neck. Then it is attacked from inside when Hashimoto’s autoimmune cuts in after being triggered by leaky gut syndrome. To cut a long story short The thyroid begins to decline in most women and it is just the degree and damage which varies. Women are 8 to one the most affected and it is most often aspects of their beauty which suffer first such as skin, hair nails and body shape then contributing factors such as confidence, depression and mental clarity.

So world wide this is a very serious situation affecting most women and here is the proposition. The printed book thyroidbook.net sells for $39.95 US including packaging and handling. We are looking for donors who will pay for ten or 100 copies at a cost rate of $10 US each so we can afford to give them out to may needy ladies. Mostly young ones still at school when the problems start and up to 60. Many in the Philippines have problems and the problems escalate faster because their digestion is not used to the western foods which make the rest of the world sick! As we also run the charity retreat, we cannot afford to have printings done and support the retreat. Existing book sales are just helping to cover costs at the retreat.

So for those who are with us on this be assured that following the program in the book will lift general health for every reader and reverse serious health issues for many as well. Go to the membership area and there is a membership for donors of ten and one also for donors of 100. Select the one you wish and then register. Payment is through Paypal which is now internationally famous as a secure payment program and we have been using it ourselves for five years with no problems.

Donors can also rest assured that the distribution will be effected and effective and we will reply with a list of names only of those benefiting. Every day we meet people with serious thyroid problems causing the flourishing of many other diseases and conditions, which make their lives so much less pleasant!

Old welcome page below awaiting editing!

I have had an interesting and exciting life with a little adventure and lots of stories to tell. My businesses always involved working with the hands and practical knowledge. Strangely the dominant pattern in my life has been the exposure to various aspects of natural health including fitness, nutrition and many treatment methods. Understanding the importance preceded the intense study and progressive exposure to problem solving with natural health. While I have done a few courses, it has been made clear that my role is a student of natural health and that I need to encourage the study of natural health and help people if they come to me genuinely seeking a solution to their condition. So I accidentally became a healer with positive results wherever I was called upon in a genuine situation. It is an empowering and humbling process all at the same time. I had often thought about passing it on but never met anyone with the appreciation and dedication to work with until a a totally unrelated seminar I met Petra. It was love at first sight!! Not of each other but of the complimentary ability to pass it on and make a difference. It had to happen but the chance of it happening mathematically was equivalent to winning lotto every day for a year. Well that was how i saw it at the time and still see the possibilities.

So we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and made some plans. We have devoted many months to planning, testing and documenting. Healthybodychurch is not a denominational church but respects the connection between the design of the human body and mind in connection with natural methods of strength, maintenance and repair that originate from creation or evolution. Either way the God in me honours the God in you at every turn.

Petra bought with her an understanding of the predilection for the present day nutritional patterns and modern medicine with its successes and failures which actually create a powerful need for natural healing in all its aspects. She also brought with her two university degrees in business that are important in directing the way to healthybodychurches role in international understanding and application of natural health principles. Wow! What more could I ask for? But the plans are extensive and we have to make them work and up to a few months ago I was happy to concentrate on editing and accumulating natural health information to pass on freely to the world.

So the plan is now to extend the application of healthybodychurch to the provision of seminars and short term live in facilities aimed at informing and providing opportunity for interested people to experience the curative powers of natural nutrition and methods of care at minimal cost.

So Petra and I welcome those that have read this far to join us with interest or use the accumulated  information or even use the caring and positive services we offer freely to all. Maybe you would like to share information as well and for the practitioners out there our intention is to promote all aspects of natural health and not compete with established services or practitioners. We do of course hope to provide more understanding within the community so that in seeking assistance from natural health practitioners a logical path will be followed.